Applying for grants

Three new strategic funding themes have been announced and the CCF will start to accept new applications

Eligibility of New Applicants

In order for us to check your eligibility for CCF funding please answer the questions below.

CCF Funding Guidelines

Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD)

For 2012 and beyond the CCF has introduced deprivation targeting as part of its grant making criteria. Projects that are seeking grants must be located in one of 50% the most deprived of parishes in England as listed by the Index of Multiple Deprivation rankings for parishes, 2010.

If the parish in which your project is located ranks between 1 and 6,353 then it will be eligible under the deprivation criteria.

If your project is located in a parish that ranks between 6,354 to 12,707 (the 50% least deprived parishes in England) you must use government SOA deprivation data to evidence that a pocket of absolute deprivation exists to be eligible to apply to the CCF. Please visit: ht to view the government’s statistics on deprivation for your area.



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